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  • Holy Grail Beauty Products

    Products that I'm obsessed with and will keep buying until they are discontinued or reformulated (in a bad way).

  • Media consumed in 2022

    A strong focus on mental health this year which meant more fun and less obligations. I read less books and more manga. In an effort to cook more, I started watching a lot of YouTube cooking channels. My husband and I watched all of Seinfeld, and now pop culture makes more sense.

  • Media consumed in 2021

    2021 felt like a continuation of 2020. I started going on mental health walks and listening to even more podcasts. Favorite finds of the year include Tokyo Revengers, Maintenance Phase, and Disgraceland. I finally watched The Matrix.

  • Media consumed in 2020

    The year inside. I accidentally got into podcasts listening to the entire You’re Wrong About back-catalog while crocheting a blanket sized scarf. In the fall, I read 902 chapters of One Piece and caught up just before chapter 1000’s release. I also played over 300 hours of the fantastically timed Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  • Media consumed in 2019

    The year of reality tv?! While on a work trip, I watched an episode of The Bachelorette in the hotel room. This kicked off a whole year of watching an amazing amount of Bravo and whatever was going on with The Bachelor universe. The Demon Slayer anime was incredible, and left me wanting more so of course, I caught up with the manga in three days.