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  • Media consumed in 2023

    This was a slow year of self-reflection, unlearning, and relearning. I got a library card and began reading all the fiction I could get my hands on. I also shifted my TV habits from watching TV shows to consuming more educational content on YouTube. My husband and I watched the entire Sopranos series and as a result found ourselves craving pasta often.

  • Holy Grail Beauty Products

    Products that I'm obsessed with and will keep buying until they are discontinued or reformulated (in a bad way).

  • Media consumed in 2022

    A strong focus on mental health this year which meant more fun and less obligations. I read less books and more manga. In an effort to cook more, I started watching a lot of YouTube cooking channels. My husband and I watched all of Seinfeld, and now pop culture makes more sense.

  • Media consumed in 2021

    2021 felt like a continuation of 2020. I started going on mental health walks and listening to even more podcasts. Favorite finds of the year include Tokyo Revengers, Maintenance Phase, and Disgraceland. I finally watched The Matrix.

  • Media consumed in 2020

    The year inside. I accidentally got into podcasts listening to the entire You’re Wrong About back-catalog while crocheting a blanket sized scarf. In the fall, I read 902 chapters of One Piece and caught up just before chapter 1000’s release. I also played over 300 hours of the fantastically timed Animal Crossing New Horizons.